VK3YP – Amateur Radio Station


DXpedition Funding

Major DXpeditions (such as VP8STI/VP8SGI, VK0EK, FT5ZM, K1N, ZL9HR) to rare locations are predominantly funded by the DXpedition participant team members followed by donations from DX foundations and clubs, personal donations etc.

ZL9HR at $7K USD paid by each of the ten participants for a ten day trip was one of the lowest cost DXpeditions (to a remote southern latitude location requiring ocean travel by ship) based on both the team members individual contribution and overall DXpedition cost.

Major DXpedition Cost Per Participant (In $USD)

KH1/KH7Z – $15,000 (Equatorial Pacific)

3Y0Z $18,500 (54 deg south latitude) – Cancelled

VK0EK $18,000 (50 deg south latitude)

FT5ZM $16,000 (37 deg south latitude)

ZL9HR $7,000 (52 deg south latitude)

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